Back in the Mix!

I PASSED MY TEST! I can’t even express how happy I am, it was stressful! I will be back in business with all my social media, as I spent the last week grinding my nose to the stone to study for this test :). I’m also ready to start writing the final book, Hail, for my trilogy <3_<3! I also want to start writing for my new series, Three Kings…but I need to knock out Hail first xD! Still…I will probably start writing things down, because I have been so inspired after finishing that 4 hour test yesterday, it’s insane!

Had my interview with Michael Chrobak, that will be up for review on April 3rd! That will be the day after the Blog Tour with Pop the Butterfly (Paige)! I’ll be in touch soon, my peeps!

Today is a health day for me, and I need the rest.


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