Third Book, Title Change & SUBMITTED!

I’ve made a change…and I feel good about it. I made the 3rd book in the Black Ice Trilogy title change to Hail, from Frost Bite. Seems I’ve reached my limit of ability to edit Blizzard at this point, as I have been burning my candle at both ends. Taking care of my son-he got a concussion just this past Monday and has had to be home, working from home in between, working on Blizzard, and I have a certification test I have next Wednesday that I still need to study like crazy for has been a bit much. Even for me.

As of just now, Blizzard has been submitted to my editor! So begins the next phase, and there will be two months of time for me to find a cartography program to create a map, and find the best tool for a timeline to be created! Open to suggestions here.


*As said before…I don’t own that image. I just love it.

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