Ready, plan, Apply!

Excitement is the key word of the day, today! I’ve received feedback from my core Beta Reader’s, and it has all been overwhelmingly positive! This has to be one of the best feelings as a writer, I think. Aside from making huge sales and getting a movie deal :D! Hahahaha Seriously, it wouldn’t hurt ;). Silliness aside, I’m doing one final pass through on my end this weekend before it gets submitted to my editor. It’s crazy to think how soon everything will be falling into place! Also, the book cover has been “finalized”, so I’m excited to share that here shortly.

Moving ahead…I already have plans on writing the second book, how it should start out. I’m eager to get to that, but really need to finish working Blizzard xD! And…reconsidering the title for the final book. It might need to be Frost Bitten as my sister previously suggested. We shall see, I think I will set up a poll for it!

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