When you dream of the future…

I woke up Sunday morning with an idea for something additional to write that would not necessarily be part of the current trilogy, but act as a type of guide. The problem is, I cannot write about the details of it here, even though I want to, because Blizzard has not been released! It stems from Blizzard and would, I believe, be a fun little side bit for readers to enjoy. It made me so happy just to think about it! I can still work on it, and it will tie in with all three books in the end. However, it will not be a full-blown book. Hmm…considerations must be made, and it’s exciting to consider.

Truthfully, I never expected this to be the first books I published, let alone self-published. It takes me back a bit to know this was not how I planned to start out my (prospective) writing career! The first series I ever penned/typed was an epic fantasy novel that, even then, I recognized needed an overhaul. When I read Snow, even, there are things I wished I had done differently before receiving any feedback from the reader’s who now love, or dislike/hate, Snow. Blizzard is a major improvement, but when I think back to that first novel I wrote and completed my heart swells. I wrote the first, then began the second, and decided the second would be the first and I would do a major re-write of the first. That story found its own path in a slightly different method. That’s not entirely how I feel about Snow, only that there are things I would adjust now. I wouldn’t hold back as much as I did on points I wanted to expand upon, and Snow itself would probably grow about 30K words with the information and details I would include. That’s what experience brings. The knowledge of things that would be done differently. I know I could make changes to Snow, even now. That’s the beauty of self-publishing, to take it down and revamp (heh heh) the work to redistribute…but there’s a part of me that wants to retain the originality of what I produced. Granted my original will remain on my bookshelf (currently on my desk…next to my laptop as I continually edit Blizzard), it just feels like something sacred I should not mess with. Perhaps I’m being too sentimental too soon? That’s a question that’s haunting me at the moment…

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