Editing & Beta Reader’s

How did I do it the first time? Not very well, I fear. This time around, with Blizzard, I cannot help but thank God for the people who have been involved as my Beta Reader’s! Such saving grace I receive from their help and participation. I will finish up all edits for Part I of Blizzard, and I already have feedback from one of my Beta Reader’s which I will go through as well. Otherwise, I am waiting to receive the final feedback from Part II of two of the reader’s. The feedback (minus comments-two have read it already, one remains :)!) has already been incredibly positive. A rising tide to meet the ending with the third book, which I plan to begin working on once Blizzard goes to my editor on the 12th of February!

Trying to get these all churned out and available to reader’s in a most efficient manner, while providing quality story/books!

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