Goodreads Giveaway Ended – Winners Selected & Blizzard Cover Design!

The Goodreads Giveaway has ended, the winner’s are selected, and the books will be ordered and sent for delivery by the end of today! It was exciting to witness how many people entered this time around. On the first giveaway, back in August, just under 1600 people entered in the course of the month-long giveaway stretch. This time, over the course of 2 weeks, 1,970 entered to win! An additional 522 people added the book to their bookshelves as “Want to Read,” on top of the original 643 that had first added it to their shelves over the last 7 months!!!

I’m so excited, and hope this is a sign of steam slowly, but surely, picking up on interest in Snow and the Black Ice Trilogy! Now…people just need to buy Snow for $.99 on Kindle, $8.83 on Paperback, or get for FREE on their Kindle Unlimited account (and/or share)!

In even Better news (to me :D!) I got the first round to review for the Book Design for Blizzard, and Oh-My-Goodness!!! I cannot wait to share with everyone <3_<3! It’s simply gorgeous, with just three modifications I have requested. Fiona Jayde is AH-MAZING! For those who don’t know that I simply Love her work -^_^-.

**As per usual…I do not own this image! But come on <3! 

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