Over 100K, and Growing

I’m exhausted, but excited. I have gone over 100K words in Blizzard, and have only two to three chapters remaining before its completion. I’ve been sick, thanks to my gremlin, and struggled to get better. While days late now on my goal for completion, I am feeling more confident in what I have written. I always find that my story evolves the closer I get to the ending, and though these changes were all considerations for how things could/should go, it has built the grounds for greater possibilities at the end and for the final book in the trilogy. A swirling vortex of options, too much fun!

Still, I’m ready to end this. I just find some struggle with finding the right words, the proper way to express my thoughts as it continues. It has its own life, and it deserves all the respect I can possibly provide. For now, it’s nearly midnight, and I do have work in the morning.

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