Forging Ahead…

It’s interesting, how talking with my Beta Reader’s drives me to more inspiration, back to my desire to write-not that it’s lost, simply to get to it in the middle of the night, when I’m somewhat heavily medicated! Haha, but really, it’s a wonderful feeling. Just added 1100 words. No major feat, but it feels good to get it done! I could continue writing, but I’m afraid the pain meds make me slightly loopy, so I’m afraid if I continued now it would get a little disjointed.

The tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are quite an impact, but I will have everything in order in time for editing. One way or another! I have several deadlines I have created for myself, and I will not be late on these. I really am SO excited for the second half of Blizzard!!! I can’t wait to get it written and see the feedback! -^_^-

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