To Progress in Regress

Oh, such irony. I got in some excellent work tonight, I feel. And I gotta say, I feel Great about it! The thing about progress can sometimes mean regress in writing. As I work through the second half of Blizzard I have been consistently plagued by the way the second half started out, and I have revamped that in a way that I feel is better suited to the story.

Why, you may ask? Because I did not want to rush certain developments, and that was something I had done. I think it’s a societal influence, a generational marker of how things are managed nowadays. It’s not something I like to do in my writing, honestly. I believe in building the storyline, developing the characters and having those integral pieces strategically placed. Becoming an “Indie Author” has brought me the opportunity to discover Many other Indie Authors and envelop myself in their different styles. It has been enlightening, and in a way helped me to understand just how my own style stacks up. As it always goes, I know not everyone will love, or even like, my books and writing style. Yet, sometimes I wonder if that’s not a result of what I have mentioned, regarding those societal and generational influences.

Something I have truly appreciated hearing as I have listened to Air1 was that we are a pop tart generation for a crock pot God. I feel that statement is applicable for many situations, and I am just as guilty of being needy/greedy in that way. We are so spoiled with having everything almost instantly. I want things immediately! I don’t want to wait! For me, that’s just in general with a number of things (like…movies, books, tv series-I prefer to binge watch my shows @_@), but not as much for what I read nor for what I write. I love the build up, the little clues along the way. Now, that’s not 100% of the time, of course. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love and appreciate good action scenes and sequences, and if a book is filled with them it can be a wonderful work of art. Yet, my favorite remains the build up with intermittent action.

I count myself lucky to have met the people, authors and readers alike, that I have. For my ability as a writer I’m eager to see how I can progress and enhance my talent for writing. Well, it’s quite late. I’ve patted myself on the back, gotten somewhat philosophical, and discussed my regressive progress! Take care everyone, tomorrow is a day filled with possibilities.

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