Amazon & GoodReads Giveaway!

Starting off the year with an Amazon and GoodReads Giveaway of 6 copies of the Paperback for Snow to each respective site, a chance to win 1 of 12 total! *Links coming soon!*

I want to start this year off preparing future readers for what is to come, and I have so much thanks to give to my Beta Readers. They have been, already, a monumental help.

While my tonsillectomy kept me from writing when I thought it would give me a great opportunity, I will be returning to my writing as of tomorrow. One thing I always seek to do, and try to improve upon doing, is showing my appreciation for the help and love I receive.

Truly, I want to reach people. I want people to know they are not alone in their struggles in all shapes and forms, and my goal for these remaining two books is to begin delving into those struggles. Future books I have been considering will be an even greater venture in the heart, soul, and mind while bringing readers to new worlds. One I am planning will even be here, in our world. Not my usual style, but it’s important. Maybe two…I think two in particular.

Welcome to the New Year, everyone! 2018 is sure to be filled with surprises and excitement, and I pray for us all many blessings!

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