The Inspiration

I am ready. I am fully prepared to have my surgery done-mentally. Physically, however, my body is still recovering from this vicious cold. Though I am, I would say, about 80% better the requirement is 100%, and I’m six days away from the surgery. Plenty of time!

My Beta Readers have been truly amazing! The feedback has been incredibly helpful, and I am slowly beginning to work on incorporating the necessary changes. Simple things I have missed they are catching, I wonder how in the world I even published Snow without any Beta Readers! I have one more that I’m waiting on feedback from, and then I’ll be set. My editor has me on her books and my proofreader’s books, and I will be getting on my formatter’s calendar, as well! Discussions and details have been exchanged with my cover designer, and I’m eager to see what the product is, as I believe she is Magnificent! Definitely can’t wait to share the results with everyone here and everywhere else :D!

Something that I have found is that several reviewers (and in particular one of my Beta Readers) have their own written works published. As such, I have made efforts to ensure I read and review their works (unbiased, I don’t expect positive reviews for my work in return for the reviews I give-I just love seeing their ability), and it has been such an eye-opening experience. The varying levels of ability and storylines are inspiring. Writing any length of work takes time and dedication, but I always found it worth the efforts. I wonder how there are people in the world who do not enjoy reading, who do not see the heart and soul of a person poured into their written works! To know I have such talented individuals reading, reviewing, being my Beta Readers is equally inspiring as it helps me to continue to grow. To top it off, I accomplished a milestone-one that I will keep the details around to myself-that made me recognize I can, and will, continue to produce my written works. It must be one of the main goals, I believe, for any writer. Now the question, how many more milestones will I hit over the next year? I hope to finish up the Black Ice Trilogy before the end of next year, truthfully. That’s a big one! Have the final book published possibly before Halloween again, or maybe by Christmas. I’m uncertain on when, but that it is one of my other milestones to meet.

After I complete the Black Ice Trilogy I will take up a series of books I had been planning, and begin my work on those. The series I’m speaking of will quite large in volume per book, though I don’t know if I will end up with as many as originally planned. It’s also still fantasy, but not vampires. Time will tell, and I will continue working for my success!

I don’t think I will ever be able to thank those who have helped me enough, but I’m going to try :). Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a Happy New Year! This may be my last blog post for the year! I hope I made this one count <3!

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