The Merry and Bright

How blessed can one person be, I wonder? I consider myself incredibly blessed. While life, family, everything can be an absolute crazy nightmare, there is still much to be thankful for.

Today, I am truly thankful for the Beta Reader’s I have had volunteer and responded. Three Beta Reader’s I have were ones I had wanted to be my Beta Reader’s, so now the waiting game has ensued. Here it is again, that nervous anticipation I wrote about before when I first published Snow, waiting with bated breath for those first reviews to come back. There are those thoughts and concerns: will this disappoint my readers? Will it be a good shocking? Or…will I find tomatoes on my front door?! Hahaha, well, maybe not that last part, but metaphorical could be true enough. Considering every book any author writes is a possible step into quicksand is a reality that permeates the senses.

But, hey, my book is still a work in progress. No less than I! This thought keeps me in check, and while I know as with any other review there could be that proverbial tomato(s), there’s also the chance it could be good. The honesty will set me free? 🙂

I have to thank those individuals, you know who you are, for taking on such a task. The honest truth is that I look forward to the feedback, and of course hope it doesn’t disappoint, but appreciate the time and effort these individuals are putting into reviewing the first half of Blizzard.

In other news, I’m semi-on the books for my editor (she’s wonderful, saved the time slot for me <3!), on my way to getting on the proofreader’s calendar, and then can get in talks with my formatter. Spoke with my cover designer, as well! So excited, such a Wonderful group to be working with!

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