Glasses forgotten…

Seriously. I forgot my glasses at home today, so I am already suffering as I stare at the screen, my eyes straining. Too bad eyes, deal with it! So thankful for the feedback I’ve gotten on Blizzard, I was able to re-incorporate a section which I expanded upon a bit as the opening for the book. Now to consider what the first half of the book is…good, yes, that was the feedback. Yet, I’m curious to see how my beta reader(s – I have two) take to what that first half covers. Personally I feel gratified with what has been written thus far, but I still sit on the seesaw’s tipping point trying to figure out if I leave that first half in or make it out to be a separate, standalone book. I believe I will leave it as is, as it will tie nicely into the second half of the book.

Yes, I know, I keep yammering on about this but it is something I need to manage, and writing about it helps! Sorry :S!

On another topic, knowing that over 900 copies of Snow (final number being 914 downloads) over the course of October is a wonderful thing to know, but I’m even more curious how many of those 914 will share their thoughts in a review and rating. I know for myself, when it comes to classic novels I haven’t had the constant habit of sharing my review-though I try to be more vigilant in this effort, but for authors that are present and alive today I have actively shared my feedback. It will only ever be a slight fraction, I imagine. Of the 12 that were distributed in the first Paperback Giveaway I did only two gave ratings, and only one of those two provided a review (for which I am eternally grateful that both took time to do either, even the low rating). Though my books will not change the world, I do hope they sweep away most (all would be nice but everyone has different tastes 🙂 ) of my readers for a short time. Lord knows I appreciate the reprieve from this politically unstable world we live in!

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