Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! The day has finally arrived for trick-or-treating, scary ghost stories, and for me…the Final Day the Snow eBook is FREE! One month has gone by in two ways for me, which are unorthodox. In one fashion the month flew by, November is Tomorrow, and I always revel in fall to winter-though in Texas it’s really just unbearably hot, constantly. Yet, in another, it seemed to crawl by. Most likely because every day I was in review of downloads and looking to see if any new reviews and/or ratings have been posted. Can’t say much in that way, but the number of downloads has been exciting. For an indie author with no marketing team/consultant hired, learning the marketing experience curve (there have been a lot of bumps in the road), and figuring out which method/path is best for publishing overall I feel all the wiser. Experience has the impact, I gather.

Still, so much more ahead, and today I will hit 50K words, and I’m getting close to being done with the first Half of the book! While I have not applied any edits, I did figure out yesterday-whilst driving to my family’s house for dinner-how to fix the beginning of the book. There are certain pieces I’m not entirely happy with, but the flow certainly cleaned up. Once I finish that first half, then I will set out to make the edits as they are all centered there, for the time being. Truly, this story has taken me on its ride, and I continue to hope and pray that it will prove to impress my readers.

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