The Evolution of a Story

I am 35K words into Blizzard, with a possibility for this book to be closer to 80K words once I finish. This realization comes on the heels of as I write, the story has taken me into its currents. My hope is that this is a good sign, a more robust story that introduces the readers in the history that ties into the present/future. Yet, with this robust story means more details that tie multiple characters and show how they become who the reader knows them to be from the first book, and as the author I worry whether or not reader’s will embrace this larger volume. It grows, the story that must be shared. Do I wrangle in this monster as it consumes me and my writing, or do I let it continue to evolve and allow its natural progression?

While social media, specifically Twitter, rather frustrates me it has allowed me to see (when shared) that I am not alone in these types of struggles. I cannot say that utilizing Twitter has helped with any book sales/free D/L’s, it has allowed me to connect on seeing other writer’s hardships and pet peeves, though I also cannot say that people are always as communicative as I had previously hoped. Those thoughts aside, because my point of this was…I have never had a story really take hold of me as this one has, and I have such uncertainty of whether or not this will be received positively or negatively. The struggle is real, my friends and fans! (I can say fans, because some of my readers have identified as such-completely leaving me in a humbled blush and feeling the utmost of flattery).

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