When You’re Marketing…

My God. I could use more sleep these days. That fact aside, I have had Snow’s eBook doing a decent job for free downloads, and hoping my most recent step will only help further it’s reach! Publishers Weekly (the part for Indie Authors now part of BookLife) was one of those shining beacons I completely overlooked. Can I say I was blinded by the light, thanks to the astigmatism in each eye? Well, if not, that’s fine. I have submitted Snow to be reviewed by BookLife (previously PW for IA), and truly hoping one of their individuals will take a chance on reviewing Snow. It’s a rare chance to get a Company that is very well known for their prestige to provide a review, I know my chances are infinitesimal but it’s certainly worth a shot!

Now…I have otherwise fixed some little bugs with the setup of the website and feeling quite pleased with myself. Seems a never ending work, and reviewing the site reminds me I need to consider getting my artwork/cover designs done! I’m glad I have not yet put in for those to be produced, as I was planning a few weeks ago, because I have already considered some changes to what I was originally planning. While it frustrates me to not have images up and available for teasers, I will be patient. It’s one of those virtues, so I’ve heard!

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