New Twists On Old Ways

This past weekend-ish I was finally able to get back to writing. My daughter was sick for a week and a half prior, with an ER visit to boot Sunday before last, and immediately after that I was sick by Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. I can say I have not suffered in such a way in some time, and I hope to never suffer as such again! What felt wonderful, though, was my daughter’s improving health and finally mine before a big, blowout birthday weekend! Two of my nephews (from the same parents) had their birthdays on Sunday and then today, so my recovering weekend was filled with lots of family love and laughter! I did not get to write the way I had planned on Saturday and Sunday, however Friday evening I made up for any lacking I had prior during all the poor-health situations. On Blizzard I am just under/at 30K words, with a goal to write every day during the month of November, even if just five words, I must get it done. I suspect this book will be closer to 70-80K words, as opposed to Snow’s 54K word count.

I plan to have Blizzard completed by end of November, if not latest mid-December, with editing, proofreading, formatting, and cover designs all being managed in January-March! Which reminds me…I need to get on the calendars for those O_O. Having Snow’s eBook Free for the entire month of October has already been an eye-opening adventure, with 600 books d/l’d since the 3rd of October! Granted, it would be nice to have had those 600 bought and paid for, I still love knowing people have gotten the book to read. If even a small fraction of those individuals provide reviews it would be beneficial, if they Share the books, it will all be beneficial in the long haul. It’s funny…how much those reviews make an impact, though. Word of mouth has many new avenues these days.

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