Leap Frog Rankings

Wow, so officially three and a half days into Snow’s eBook being free, and went from being bottom barrel for downloads to this :

Product details

Originally was in the 50K+ range for Amazon Best Sellers Rank for Free in Kindle, in the Thousands for the other two categores, and I hope to continue to see the numbers improve :). Praying this is majority positive (as any writer does), and will be writing this weekend on Snow some more! Next month is my biggest push to work on completing the book :)! It’s kind of crazy how all this is going-as far as my writing is concerned. When I begin writing I become lost in that world again and the story line(s) expand. I never truly know where or how things will go in the mix, though I have a planned ending…that too, could change. That for me, however, is the fun of it -^_^-!

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