Results & Pie

Having listed Snow’s eBook for free has been an interesting lessons learned moment.  Between the multiple retailers/vendors that Snow is available through I have found a massive gap between how many copies have been acquired through Kindle versus the Multiple that offers.  The difference is, currently, 8x as many books.  I believe this has helped me in determining how I will proceed with the next book, and what I may yet do with this book.

Switching over to strictly Kindle for the KDP Select may be my best bet, it seems.  Marketing is a strategy game, and for unknown authors, it’s all about finding the best way to reach the target audience.  Kindle seems to be blowing that out of the water.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this entire month will bring overall.  Though the books may be free it is getting into reader’s hands, and that is the ultimate goal.

I think it’s time for some chocolate pie -^_^-!

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