Disorganized Collection

*Staring at screen in flustered manner*

How did I get like this?  Right now my book is entirely out of order.  I can’t say it’s entirely bad, but it is definitely not the greatest thing ever.  I’ve come up with several different chapters, with several different openings for this book.  The one I recently wrote I do love, but I recognize it cannot be the opening for the book. I have come up with one more introduction (yet to be written out) that keeps both the pace and excitement as the first book without completely disorganizing the timeline of the current book.

Still, the feeling reminds me of my kitchen being dirty.  I can’t stand it.  I want, and need, better organization.  This book is being developed in such a different method than the previous and for now…I can’t say how I feel about that, especially knowing I have the outline completely worked out.  Time will tell!

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