Snow Reviews & Giveaways: A Tireless Effort

The first review I received (linked Here and shown below) was unbelievably positive, and while the others I have received have been positive I struggle with the marketing.  I struggle with how else to try and get people interested in reading Snow.

The struggle arises with getting back such positive responses, and feel like not enough people have it in hand.  A fellow tweeter posed the question regarding what self-published indie authors wish they had known before going down the bumpy path.  Internally I laugh thinking, “I should have packed a donut and Preparation H… *tears*”.  Yes, I am LAUGHING heartily at myself right now!  Probably more than I should be but…here we are!  It is stressful to write a book, begin working on another for release to follow in under a year, market for the first, balance the budget to afford paying and sending out the free paperback giveaways, and not drown in the daily life of Parenthood, Careerhood(these bills don’t get paid with my looks, folks!), Family-Hood, and trying to keep your street cred! ((Reference the scrape above my left eyebrow, yeah, I earned that baby from proving I got the M-cred…that Mom-Cred!…stupid tv v_v))

Below here is the very first review I received, it’s the kind a writer hopes to invoke.  Forging ahead exhilarates and exhausts me, it’s taken me to a new level of understanding for any, and all, who write.

“Wow!!! This novel is an utterly new, and perhaps even groundbreaking take on the vampire genre. I have been waiting for over a decade to read something this original! I literally couldn’t put the book down!

If you are looking for a sappy romance story… this ain’t it! This is a fantastically fast-paced adventure story that will draw you in… and then… utterly blow your mind with the completely unexpected plot twists.

Mikayla builds the visuals, textures and landscapes in such a way that really engaged me as a reader. I have a complete mind’s-eye of the whole world as it played out. Not to mention the entirely full-bodied characters that will pull you in right from the start. You will feel, see, and hear what is like to become a vampire.

Mikayla’s writing style may figuratively rip your heart right out of your chest!

I absolutely had a blast reading about Neva’s, truly unfathomable, destiny through completely unexpected and yet, utterly satisfying twists and turns.

When you read Snow you will think to yourself, Yes! How has no one thought of this before!

I think this could actually be the beginning of a whole new sub-genre of vampiric writing. It is that good!

It is absolutely original and imaginative and will leave you desperate for Mikayla’s next work of genius!!!”

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