Snow review on Amazon

🙂 Yeah, it’s happened again, and it just…makes me feel great!

For those that are more detailed in their reviews it certainly helps me to see any limitations there may be, confusion, and insight to my reader’s minds.  All feedback is appreciated, in any form and fashion it is provided <3!

I am SO excited for this next book, and have been making some really great progress with the book :)!  It makes me both wish I could share all immediately and want to draw out the suspense!  I have considered the option of posting the opening to the book – the Prelude.  Yet, I will wait!  Something about have that fresh, full run of a book is important to myself, as a reader.  Certainly I don’t imagine I’m the only one who feels that way…and while I know others would love to see a sample, I do find that I often go back and make several revisions throughout.  Its similar to telling everyone, “I have a beautiful diamond, but it’s still in the rough (sets down a lump of coal), isn’t it just a beaut?!”

There is so much gratitude I feel in how time has worked out for me, and it feels right.  The timing, the books, everything feels like it is right in place, at the right time!  I am so thankful to those book bloggers who have accepted my book for review, I know they are all incredibly busy, and for those individuals who have posted their reviews of their own volition.  To take that time and provide the feedback helps any author to see the there is genuine joy, or dismay, at the work provided and people feel inclined, driven even, to let it be known!

Accepting the fact that not all feedback will be so positively wonderful and insightful, I will envelope all that comes my way with humbled appreciation, and hopefully a dash of grace ;)!

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