Snow – Book Review #3!

Receiving a book review is a daunting experience.  It could be amazing, the reader could love it with exception to a few particular points, or they could absolutely hate it!  There could be a mediocre review that leaves the reader, and possibly others, wanting more than what is provided.  That being said, I have received my third review for Snow, and am incredibly flattered and inspired.

You can find the reviews posted on the Blogger’s site here:
And here on Goodreads!

Diana has very detailed reviews on Snow and, of course, several others!  I have been reading through her reviews of other novels and appreciate her attention to details.  Thorough, honest, and consistent.  This is definitely a booster for me, as it further inspired me to continue my writing today!  With Hurricane Harvey having hit I’ve been a bit preoccupied, and of course I have work otherwise to manage, but this review was like lighting a fire in my writer’s heart.  I don’t know if there is anything better than that kind of inspiration!  If you haven’t given Snow a chance yet, I hope this will help you to consider it, and check out the other reviews provided by Diana.

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