The Writing Cycle

Oh!  Oh it hurts!  I’m preparing to wipe out a few Pages that I wrote because, after reading the first book as a whole, I found a better way to advance this book.  I mean…honestly wasn’t entirely happy with what I had produced for a few pages and stopped as a result.
This is progress.
It’s painful and bittersweet, but it’s all for the better!  At times I wonder if it isn’t a result of backsliding, but I always find it Is Progress.  There were some items I viewed as “bad habits” on my part when I wrote my first book.  They aren’t terrible, they certainly did not ruin my book (for me, at least!), but they are things I wish to improve upon.  This is also a point where I’m climbing more out of my shell, out of that comfort/safety zone and really gearing up to…well I’d hate to say Flash the world but, you get the drift!  It’s a “Surprise Mother-Father’s!” moment, and it feels rather nice.  Refreshing, freeing!  It’s kinda fun ;)!

What I hope is that people will embark on this journey with both my characters and me, as I have done with authors I enjoyed where I watched them grow in their craft.  I have always found that immensely satisfying and inspiring.  My dream is to accomplish the same for someone else!  Provide the escape and entertainment, with a touch of inspiration.  That wouldn’t be too bad, eh?

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