Reading & Prizes

I finished up reading my book the other day, and the IBGW giveaway completed with 453 entries!  Congratulations to those who won!  I believe that was up for a week and had that many entires, which is very inspiring for me.  I hope some of those individuals who wanted a free copy will give the book a chance either way, and for anyone who is interested in still possibly winning a hard copy I have the 12 free Paperback Book Giveaways going on Goodreads!  That has been up since yesterday and has seen solid traffic for entries :).  It’s exciting to see the interest!  I hope all who read the book enjoy and share feedback.

After reading the book myself I found ways I want to improve my writing in the next book, too.  I took notes of vital occurrences and habits I wished to change in the following books, in both this trilogy set and the other series I have underway.  Continual improvement is my goal, there is always room for growth!

Now if I could get my siren (daughter) to chill long enough for me to write and be productive!  *Is listening to her frantic running in the walker*  At least she’s no longer screaming!

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