The Learning Curve

Oh how much I have learned and have yet to learn!  Blog tours?  ARC’s?  Had to look up ARC’s, still don’t fully understand the concept of the Blog Tour, but will look that up as well.  I’ve been reaching out to prospective Book Reviewers and gotten two hits back, and need to apply to more.  Managing this through my daughter being ill, her impending (minor) surgery next week, and having had emergency dental work done myself this week I feel like I can ask God for a little relief from the insanity.

In so many ways I feel ill-prepared for the task I have undertaken, yet that very challenge drives me all the more.  I cannot imagine having gone through a publisher, because I feel quite blessed to have had the opportunity to work with wonderful individuals at Indie Books Gone Wild of Karen Robinson, Gaynor Smith, Jennifer Oberth and Fiona Jayde who provided the amazing cover design.  I plan to continue on this path and make it the most successful thus far!  For now, I’m tired, it’s late, and…Tomorrow starts the Goodreads 12 Paperback Giveaway for Snow :D!  I’m SO excited and hope that gets as many hits as Snow did on the site!

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