Reading Your Own Work…

To say I am exhausted would be most accurate.  However, today I will be dedicating myself to reading my book.  I have always loved to write, and for the longest time in between writing the beginning (or whole) of stories I also used to avidly write poetry.  One particular moment, when a stranger had read some of my poetry and a website I had them posted to, he shared one I had written.  Me, not realizing what he was reading from, responded, “Wow, that’s amazing!  I really like that, where is that from?”  Oh yes, I had one of those moments where I honestly Did Not recognize what I had written!  No doubt he thought I was either feigning ignorance for flattery or had plagiarized the work, but that was not the case.  This is also Not me building myself up, it’s just that I like what I write, and if you’re proud of what you write (even when you forget!), why shouldn’t you be?  No, I was not fishing for compliments but in the process of constantly writing, and for whatever reason for me especially poetry, I tend to forget things I have written.  It would have been quite hilarious to me (even now) if I had responded to the opposite, though.  Probably would have reconsidered writing all together if that had been the case!

The same goes for my book, Snow.  I’m working on the second novel now, I have the FULLY vetted outline, but there is one catch.  I have to re-read my first book to make certain the details and plot lines are in sync.  There are some things I had forgotten I had written in the book, so now I will be reading the work I built and it’s somewhat fascinating to see what I produced.  It’s reliving the progress I made and feeling proud of what I have produced.  Not everyone will love, or even like, this book.  Not everyone will hate it either, but from where I stand, I can proudly state that this is My Body of Work!

Now, I always wonder and feel sure I must be correct in this, that other writers may feel as I do in some slight embarrassment knowing the people they know are reading what they’ve written.  I’m not sure if that just passes with time and experience, I’m not sure I ever will, but I think that’s not such a bad thing.  It won’t hinder me in my progress, and this next book I plan for all the more of everything (with consideration).

Time to rediscover the plot and world I created for Neva!

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