What do you want? Share!

Officially one full day in on the open market, and the marketing strategy must be upped!  Trying to find the proper venues to market through is interesting, to say the least.

Publishing a book, especially self-publishing, is selling more than the blood, sweat, and tears that were poured into creating your masterpiece.  It’s being able to sell yourself, too.  I find this terribly ironic.  You can find a wide array of jokes and memes generated around how most writers are introverted, to one degree or another.  Yet, our socially interactive society requires those who wish to succeed to bring out their inner sales-man.  The one holding and flipping the sign, the one with the most tricks!  This sounds a little too much like a prostitute ring…maybe that’s not too far off? (Hahaha, I’m only partially kidding!)  The key to ramping up?  Research.  Endless amounts of research and snaking my way into that niche’s group.

All that said…I’ve been working on the second in the planned Trilogy that Snow has started!
I want to gush and share little details about the next book, plans, hopes, dreams!  But for now I will hold those cards close to my chest.  I’m also interested in seeing where you, the readers, think the series will be going!  What are things you would like to see more of in the following books?  What are you hopeful for, what do you feel is missing?  What is something you feel has been missing from Other vampire novels that you long to read?

These first, infantile steps into writing my series leaves so much opportunity for growth in both the characters and myself as a writer.  It’s an excitement I haven’t felt in Quite some time!  I hope you all enjoy Snow, and be sure to share your ratings and feedback on the book!

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