Twitter, Facebook, Web…*EXPLOSION*

Self publishing is no joke, no easy task, no walk in the park, and all those other great clichés.  Handling finding an editor-who in turn provided me a proofreader and formatter, book cover designer, and paying for the lot is a daunting task.  I took what I felt was the appropriate amount of time to find the individuals I reviewed and felt most competent.  On this front, I would change nothing.  It has been awesomely eye-opening.  Before I started this adventure I had only once before tried to get a book published the traditional route.  That was not any terrible experience, I view it as all a learning curve, and I am thankful for how it has all come about in the end.  The agents I reached out to were mostly very supportive and kind, only one or two did I view as somewhat harsh or callous.

At this point, I appreciate both methods of getting to a published novel.  One day I would love to have an agent and be managed through a publishing company.  Until that day arrives, I will be working on managing all the social media and marketing myself.

Side thought…I should hire someone to market for me!  Hahaha, seriously people!  I still work a full time job with family life responsibilities!  Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉

Yeah…I’ll have to do it myself in the meantime.  Peace, love, and chickens my friends!


Oh sweet, sweet progress!  It’s exhilarating and exhausting knowing what’s ahead.  I am ecstatic to see my work come to it’s maturity and dreams reach fruition, but everything that goes into getting work published, especially when self-publishing, takes a good amount of time.  Time is what I have the least of available.  Work, family/home life, personal care…Oh, did I mention trying to write more on the next novel following Snow?  The sequel in what I feel will end up being a three part series, I’ve begun working on that, as well.

However, I must make it work!  There’s too much going on inside my head to keep it shackled within any longer.  Now, to get my squirrelly mind back on track: the purpose of this blog was to identify that I will be publishing Snow on July 31st through Kindle for both eBook and PoD (Print on Demand), because I do so adore a hardcopy book!  Something about the smell of a new book gives my heart and soul immeasurable joy.

Seeing as it’s late, and I should sleep at some point…I’m off to see the pillows!


**I do not own the image above…if that wasn’t obvious.


There are very few things as nerve wracking as putting yourself out there to the public and leaving ones’ self open for scrutiny.  Oddly enough artists of many mediums do just this, with a welcome mat and complimentary coffee.  Here, right here, is my welcome mat!  I am stepping out into the world’s eye for critique with the hope that maybe, quite possibly, some individuals will find pleasure in reading what dreams and nightmares I pen to paper.  As much as a computer can for me, that is.  Writing and becoming a published author has been my longest standing dream.  It has outlived my earliest desires to become a Veterinarian, then FBI Agent, and finishing up the circuit with Psychologist.  And you know what?  It’s finally time to take this chance!

My coffee is still finishing it’s final stages of brewing in the pot, but soon the cups will be lined and filled for the taking.  I look forward to all who join the journey of what my imagination has cooped up for one too many years.  This blog will be an open book to the adventure I hope this to become, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!