Sales, Marketing, & Sleep Deprivation!

So here it is!  The Hardcopy (it’s Paperback, to be specific) for Snow is available on Createspace and Amazon!  Yet, I still have to get the word out.  Marketing should have, by all accounts, started six months prior to release.  However, life has a funny way of not working out as we plan.  Like…when you don’t properly research because you weren’t really certain how it would all go, if at all.  I suppose that’s the beauty in life, right?  The uncertainty that manages to trip you up just as you reach the finish line and you think: I finally won.  NOPE!  Your legs go wobbly and you trip on your tennis shoes.  Now I’m running through the different marketing companies/opportunities that are available.  More money, but it brings more viewers/readers!

While it will become available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple, iCloud, and several other platforms for eBook on the 31st of July, I have to get this moving for a solid following.  It is such an odd thought, a “following”, a “fandom” (Still wonder if that really is possible).  I don’t think I’ll be all that productive with only three hours of sleep in my system from last night followed by a day that was overflowing with activity.  Still…40 minutes until I pick my boy up from “Parents Night Out”, so that’s 40  minutes of productivity I can manage!  For those that do follow, please share :)!  Spread the word, any and all help is Always appreciated!




*Disclaimer: I do not own the featured image.  It’s just hilariously accurate for how I feel about some things lately, such as marketing.  Now it’s 33 minutes to be productive…I had to find this perfect image for feeling & sharing.

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