6 Days & Nerves

Here it is, less than a week before my book becomes available for purchase.  Less than a week before reviews may be provided, and my nerves are beginning to twitch beneath the excitement.  I hold no regrets for doing this.   It is simply knowing those who know me, my peers, and those authors who inspire me will/may read and subsequently judge what talent I may hold.  The unknowns aren’t quite as bad, though this does remind me of the first time you get up on stage to act or sing, the first time you stand in front of a classroom of new classmates, or you meet your new director, manager, and coworkers.  It’s nervous anticipation, and I have wondered a few too many times how others before me have managed.  Then I recall the life stories of previous authors who had dependency issues and know…I can’t do that.  I have kids, a liver and set of kidneys that need me (or I need them…?).

That being said, I will indulge in a glass of wine once this book is open to public scrutiny for joy, excitement, and that nervous anticipation of what follows.  Hey, I may even spring for a slice of cookie cake!

@StephenKing I will indulge in a long moment to reflect, one day, what starting out feels like.
(**Hahaha, could not help myself.  I’m not worthy!)

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