Writing to Write Goo-no-bad (Kung Pow <3)

Writing is my personal outlet of an innumerable quantity of thoughts, worlds, dreams, nightmares, and the like.  Currently I am working on writing the sequel to Snow-I still have no official title picked out, it’s a work in progress-I have an outline for how I want the last two books to go, and I am in constant research mode.  Problem is I have managed to leave the outline(s) elsewhere :S.  I find myself in this anxious mode where I know I need to push through on writing this, as I have no intentions of starting this novel then stopping and waiting 7 years to actually finish as I did the current, but there’s another part of my brain that is like my son.  ADHD full throttle, where every squirrel that twitches in a tree has my attention.

I cycle through thoughts and emotions, considering all the possible outcomes because…that’s what I do best.  It is actually a core, of sorts, for my current profession.  You know, the one that pays the bills and keeps food on the table.  I’m quite effective at considering the risks, the schedule, and managing the budget.  My book could be a complete flop, and financially I would not be moved one inch.  Mentally it could disturb me, disrupt me, force me to re-evaluate either my current methodology of how I’m pumping out what I write, or reconsider my dream of becoming a successful published author.  Yet, isn’t that the beauty of the risk?  The chance that it could be a success, that first stepping stone to all other possibilities I could only hope to possible achieve?  Maybe, just the discovery one way or another rather than constantly living in the “What If/Though?” mindset.

What is it that will determine the ability for success?  The truth is that it is not Just the ability to write, and write well.  It’s not having the perfect story line and characters.  Those things are all vital, without a doubt, though I have seen success for books and stories I had considered the complete opposite.  The marketing is where a large portion of success springs from, that which I need to learn to master now.

In the end, I must also carve out time to write.  God bless those before me that with children, pets, family, love life, work-life, all the things that are understandably time consuming still have managed to pump out novel after successful novel.  When I do write I can knock out 1000 words an hour, that’s pretty standard.  There are occasions where I can produce more…guess I should do that soon.  I’ll close on this: Youtube provides such inspiring music while I write.

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