Twitter, Facebook, Web…*EXPLOSION*

Self publishing is no joke, no easy task, no walk in the park, and all those other great clichés.  Handling finding an editor-who in turn provided me a proofreader and formatter, book cover designer, and paying for the lot is a daunting task.  I took what I felt was the appropriate amount of time to find the individuals I reviewed and felt most competent.  On this front, I would change nothing.  It has been awesomely eye-opening.  Before I started this adventure I had only once before tried to get a book published the traditional route.  That was not any terrible experience, I view it as all a learning curve, and I am thankful for how it has all come about in the end.  The agents I reached out to were mostly very supportive and kind, only one or two did I view as somewhat harsh or callous.

At this point, I appreciate both methods of getting to a published novel.  One day I would love to have an agent and be managed through a publishing company.  Until that day arrives, I will be working on managing all the social media and marketing myself.

Side thought…I should hire someone to market for me!  Hahaha, seriously people!  I still work a full time job with family life responsibilities!  Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉

Yeah…I’ll have to do it myself in the meantime.  Peace, love, and chickens my friends!

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