Oh sweet, sweet progress!  It’s exhilarating and exhausting knowing what’s ahead.  I am ecstatic to see my work come to it’s maturity and dreams reach fruition, but everything that goes into getting work published, especially when self-publishing, takes a good amount of time.  Time is what I have the least of available.  Work, family/home life, personal care…Oh, did I mention trying to write more on the next novel following Snow?  The sequel in what I feel will end up being a three part series, I’ve begun working on that, as well.

However, I must make it work!  There’s too much going on inside my head to keep it shackled within any longer.  Now, to get my squirrelly mind back on track: the purpose of this blog was to identify that I will be publishing Snow on July 31st through Kindle for both eBook and PoD (Print on Demand), because I do so adore a hardcopy book!  Something about the smell of a new book gives my heart and soul immeasurable joy.

Seeing as it’s late, and I should sleep at some point…I’m off to see the pillows!


**I do not own the image above…if that wasn’t obvious.

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