There are very few things as nerve wracking as putting yourself out there to the public and leaving ones’ self open for scrutiny.  Oddly enough artists of many mediums do just this, with a welcome mat and complimentary coffee.  Here, right here, is my welcome mat!  I am stepping out into the world’s eye for critique with the hope that maybe, quite possibly, some individuals will find pleasure in reading what dreams and nightmares I pen to paper.  As much as a computer can for me, that is.  Writing and becoming a published author has been my longest standing dream.  It has outlived my earliest desires to become a Veterinarian, then FBI Agent, and finishing up the circuit with Psychologist.  And you know what?  It’s finally time to take this chance!

My coffee is still finishing it’s final stages of brewing in the pot, but soon the cups will be lined and filled for the taking.  I look forward to all who join the journey of what my imagination has cooped up for one too many years.  This blog will be an open book to the adventure I hope this to become, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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